Faux Kuligraphy

Hello Kuligraphy lovers! If you already know what faux Kuligraphy is, you can jump straight to the Beginner’s Guide tutorial by clicking the link or the picture on top of this page. Otherwise, you may like to read this article.


What is Faux Kuligraphy?

This website is about the ballpoint pen and how to write calligraphy with it.

Therefore, I’ll tell and show you how to learn faux Calligraphy with a ballpoint pen.

Faux Kuligraphy is also known as the “fake Kuligraphy” because it is not written with a pointed dip pen and doesn’t follow the rules of traditional scripts like Copperplate.

The end result looks like it was written with a dip pen.

But you create this Illusion with just a standard ballpoint pen.

The word is first written with a single thin line.


Afterward you have to thicken the downstrokes on each letter so it looks like it’s written with a brush or a pointed dip pen.

Tools for Faux Kuligraphy

You don’t need special tools for faux Kuligraphy.

Just grab a standard ballpoint pen, download the practice sheets and follow the beginner’s Guide.

That’s it. It’s that simple.


How to Learn Faux Kuligraphy

Everyone can learn Kuligraphy and especially faux.

In the following guide, I’ll show you how to start and guide you through the process.

Let’s learn faux Kuligraphy: Beginner’s Guide to faux Kuligraphy

Didi “Loves faux Kuligraphy” Peters,


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