Modern Kuligraphy

In this article, I want to tell you about modern Kuligraphy and how it differs from traditional scripts.

Speak about popular writing techniques and the few tools you will need to learn modern Kuligraphy.

If you don’t need to know about the basics of modern Kuligraphy, you can jump straight to the Beginners Guide by clicking the picture above.


What is modern Kuligraphy?

It’s quite hard to find and describe the exact definition of modern Kuligraphy.

Nowadays there are so many styles and techniques out there.

Modern Kuligraphy is leaned on the traditional scripts, but you don’t have to use special pointed dip pens for example.

It’s not necessary to follow all the special rules of spacing and size.

This means, you have more freedom and you can be more creative.

So let’s call everything that doesn’t belong to the traditional Calligraphy scripts like Copperplate, with all the specific strokes and formations, modern Calligraphy.

Difference to traditional scripts?

So what’s the difference to traditional calligraphic scripts, you may ask?

Like I said above, with traditional scripts you have to follow specific rules and structures, write with perfect spacing and clean strokes.

Modern Kuligraphy gives you more freedom and you can come up with your own styles and techniques and variations.

You only have to pay attention to some “Ground Rules” so it does not look to weird and people can still recognize it as readable text.

Modern Kuligraphy is any calligraphy and mixes of different styles and techniques, that is written with a ballpoint pen and doesn’t belong to the traditional Calligraphy styles like Spencerian, Copperplate and so on.

Difference to Faux Kuligraphy

Faux Kuligraphy belongs to the group of modern kuligraphy, but there is a significant difference in my opinion.

For faux calligraphy, you can use any sort of writing tools and surfaces to create the illusion of pointed pen written texts. Tools like chalk on a blackboard, standard pencils etc.

The word is first written with a thin line, where you afterward have to thicken the downstrokes so the word looks like it is written with a fountain or a brush pen.

Modern Kuligraphy is written with a ballpoint pen, where you determine the thickness of the lines and strokes with different pressures of the pen yourself.

You don’t have to thicken the downstrokes with additional lines.


Learn more about Faux Calligraphy in this article – Faux Kuligraphy

Tools for Modern Kuligraphy

There many tools for modern calligraphy, but this website is all about “Kuligraphy”. 

For that reason, I want to show you, how you can write awesome text with a ballpoint pen.

Ballpoint Pen (Kuli)

You can use a standard ball pen, to begin with, Kuligraphy.

But if you want to start with a better quality pen, you should get you a BIC 1.6mm Ballpoint* pen from amazon.

In the “Beginner Guide to modern Kuligraphy” I’ll tell you why this pen is the better choice for modern Kuligraphy.


How to Learn Modern Kuligraphy

Hey, you made it! You found this section and you’re ready to learn Kuligraphy.

I created a beginner’s guide for modern Kuligraphy for you.

I’ll show you how to start, show you the tools and guide you through the process step by step.

Let’s learn modern Kuligraphy: Beginner Guide to modern Kuligraphy

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