The right Tools for Kuligraphy


In this post, you will find an overview of the different tools I use and recommend.

What you will need

So what tools do I need to learn Kuligraphy, you may ask?

Actually you don’t need any special tools to start writing calligraphy with a ballpoint pen.

You take a pen, a sheet of printer paper and start practicing Blackletter or Faux Kuligrayphy immediately.

I started with a standard ballpoint pen.

With time I figured out which are the best suitable tools for Kuligraphy.

Only the Modern and the Traditional scripts require particular pencils to create the necessary thin and thick Strokes for each letter.

In this article, I’ll tell you about the tools I use now, what tools I tested and which I can really recommend to you.

The Perfect Pencils

When you just starting to learn Kuligraphy, you should use whatever ballpoint pen you have lying around and begin with Faux Kuligraphy.

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For the other scripts and the best results with those, you should check out the recommended ballpoint pens in this article – The perfect pencils for Kuligraphy


The Right Paper

If you are a beginner and starting with the Blackletter or the Faux scripts, you could use any paper you have at home.

Printer paper, for example, is perfectly suitable for this.

For the traditional Kuligraphy you might use thicker paper with a different surface.

For more information and tips you should check out this article – The Right Paper for Kuligraphy


Appropriate Surface

To create the thin and thick line strokes with a Kuli (ballpoint pen) you need a softer surface under your paper.

It won’t work if you do it on a hard surface.

If want to learn the traditional or modern scripts with a ballpoint pen, you should use the Kuligraphy pad or some kind of cardboard.

In the following article, you will find more information – The perfect surface for Kuligraphy



I created special practice sheets for you. With these Kuligraphy practice sheets, you can start learning Kuligraphy right away.

Just download, print and start with the exercises.

You can find the sheets here – Kuligraphy Worksheets


Other Tools

This website is all about the ballpoint pen but there are also other tools like brush pens, pointed pens and markers for Calligraphy which I want to show you. – Other Calligraphy tools

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Posted by Didi Peters