About Didi

Hi, I’m Didi Peters, founder of Kuligraphy.com!


I was always interested in Calligraphy and nice written text has fascinated me. But believe me or not my handwriting was horrible 2 years ago.

I didn’t learn at school how to write nice like my parents did for example.

My teacher always struggled to read my homework and my class essays, but It didn’t bother me back then.

It got so worse in the last 5 years that I could not read my own handwritten Text sometimes.

So one day, I decided to improve my handwriting skills, took a pencil and started to practice neat handwriting.


I enjoyed it so much, that I started to teach some of my friends the skills I learned.

I enjoyed it so much, that I started to teach some of my friends the skills I learned.

So in the end of 2018 I decided to make my hobby in to something much bigger, help people, teach my learned skills and create a platform where everyone can learn Kuligraphy with some easy Tips and Tricks.

And believe me if I could learn it you can learnt it to!

So let’s start! Here -> Learn Kuligraphy

What’s Kuligraphy?

Kuligraphy is a combined word that I came up with.

The German word “Kuli” is a synonym for “Kugelschreiber” which translated in English a ballpoint pen is.

The second part “-graphy” is the part of the word Calligraphy.

One Day I wrote this two words on a piece of paper and the Idea of Kuligraphy was born.kuligraphy-kuli-calligraphy

My Philosophy

As simple as possible! I believe in a simple minimalistic lifestyle. The same for Kuligraphy. You don’t need a lot of tools to start Kuligraphy.

A ballpoint pen, a soft surface, paper and bit of time.

That’s it! Keep it clean and simple.

The rest will come by itself with time and patience.

Didi “Let’s learn Kaligraphy!” Peters


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