The right Surface

So you have the right pen and paper, but the text does not look like a nice Calligraphy written with a fountain pen?

That happens when you don’t have the right surface under your worksheet.

A wooden or a glass table, for example, is very hard and not very suitable for Kuligraphy.

It’s important to have a softer layer between the table and your paper.

It is especially important for Modern and Traditional Kuligraphy.


Here I have three solutions to solve this problem:

A piece of Cardboard

Find an old spiral booklet or a college block, for example, like in the picture below and take the backside cardboard.

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Cardboard from packages is too soft and not recommended.

Here is a comparison of the two cardboard pieces.


Multiple Layers of thicker paper

You could also use multiple layers of thick paper.

I successfully tested 2-3 layers of 200g/m Paper as a soft layer between the surface and my sheet.


The Kuligraphy Pad

For the best results, you should use a Kuligraphy pad under your worksheets.

This pad is made of thin rubber and makes it possible for you to write the most beautiful words.


You can buy this pad in my shop. -> Shop – Kuligraphy Pad

Do I really need a Kuligraphy pad?

You could also use a piece of Cardboard or something soft as a surface of course. But it’s much easier and more comfortable with this Kuligraphy rubber pad under your paper.

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Posted by Didi Peters